Supporting transformation toward health and resiliency is the most fulfilling part of my practice.  Many people come to me because they are wanting to feel less anxious, or to let go of an experience that has a negative hold on them, others are looking for ways to feel more comfortable in their body or move more freely, if you are looking for help in any of these ways, I would be honored to support you on your journey.

Since 2006 I have had a private practice as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, I currently see clients on Zoom from my home office in the trees of Southern Oregon. I have assisted on many SE trainings and workshops, including Master Classes by Peter Levine, and provide Somatic Experiencing Personal Sessions and Case Consults, and small Group Case Consults to SE student of all levels.  My work is heavily influenced by Bodynamics, Kathy Kain's Touch Trainings, 25 years of teaching the Alexander Technique, and the deep joy of practicing and teaching Contact Improv Dance for most of my life. The native stewards of the land where I work and live are the Takelma people.  My preferred gender pronouns are she/her/hers.